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An initiative lead by Litmus Test Project to make voting easy, engaging and fun.
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In 2012, out of a total population of approximately 2,10,00,000 people, only 43,00,000 Mumbaikars voted during the municipal elections i.e. about 20% of the city’s population. This year, our aim is to transform the political dialogue such that voting in municipal elections becomes relevant for the ‘under-23’ demographic and other first-time voters.




We will use technology to mobilise awareness of municipal elections and generate interest and enthusiasm in voting including via social media platforms such as facebook and twitter, by posting hangouts and informative videos on Youtube, disseminating infographics via Whatsapp, popularizing this website and making it a medium for public awareness and participation.



In addition to using technology as a conduit to reaching a mass youth audience, our mobilization techniques include publishing a voters guide, conducting a model BMC programme involving student teams and select mentors, convening town halls, taking out bike and car rallies, selecting campus ambassadors (for raising awareness in colleges), enlisting the support of the print media, engaging call centres to reach out to voters days before the election; and interestingly, making the price of admission to the hottest party in town – one black dot!



Qualitative indicators of success will include increased awareness of the significance of urban local governance, a nuanced understanding amongst youth of the roles, responsibilities, powers, deficiencies of the BMC and possible roadmaps for improvement; and quantitative indicators will include 1,00,000  new voters amongst the 18-25 age group.  In the long term, success will lie in having created local problem solvers who become the leaders of tomorrow.

One Lakh+

Is Our Target Right Here Right Now

We are targeting to engage at least 1 lakh people with our ‘Voter’s guide’, and expecting it to be covered by many media outlets.


is for everyone

Whether you are 18 or 90 years of age, you are never too young or too old to voice your concerns and hopes through the democratic exercise of voting. In fact, if you don’t have an opinion or can’t find a reason to vote, deciding to vote is the best way of figuring it out; and you can count on us to assist you in making an informed choice.  


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